The Arctic Meet UpMonaco 2019

Arctic Blue Gin Lounge

Arctic Blue Gin Lounge at the Original F1 After Party Amber Lounge in Monaco and Singapore. This is where you can find VIPs and F1 Drivers stopping and feeling the fresh arctic breeze and icy cocktails. A piece from the North Pole is brought in the middle of the Grand Prix to show how the ice is melting around us. Actions are needed and therefore Arctic Blue Gin takes a firm stance to fight climate change and to preserve our arctic nature.

Q Yachts

The Electric Silence of Q-Yachts electric day cruiser, the Q30 made its virgin voyage in Monaco. This revolutionary motor boat offered an unique, silent and relaxing boating experience for guests, partners, VIPs and F1 drivers during the Monaco GP. The Journey with Q Yachts and Playhouse Helsinki continues around the Europe in various locations.

STR Tecoil

STR Tecoil is an oil re-refining company. The refining and hydroprocessing technology is the best available solution to handle used lubricant oils. Incineration and energy recovery are categorically subordinate to re-refining according to EU waste legislation and waste hierarchy. The journey with STR Tecoil is on – our next stop is in Singapore.

Taiga Chocolate

The Award-winning handmade luxury chocolate served at The Arctic Meet Up. Relying on the taste and aroma created by Arctic nature, its unsurpassable freshness, crispness and originality.